By: Karen Ramirez


The Wendy Williams Show has been around since 2008, that’s 10 years of gossip sipping tea from Wendy Williams herself.

Imagine being able to bash and speak your mind about anyone and anything for 10years and still have a successful show running.

I will like to know what type of magical tea Wendy Williams is cooking up to be this successful and running a talk show like hers.

Many people find Wendy Williams to be out of line with the opinions she gives on controversies involving celebrities. When she covered Kim Kardashian going to Washington and meeting with Donald Trump about a prison reform, Wendy explained to the audience how Kim is actually doing something for the community
and defend Kim with her decision for doing so. Everything was running smoothly until Wendy made a comment about Kim, saying “I think Kim is just bored with her money and unsatisfied with her marriage”.

While many find Wendy Williams to be a controversial spokesperson and celebrities disagree or never respond to things she says about them, she somehow is still the voice of her audience. Many of her followers and people that don’t watch her show agreed with what Wendy Williams had to say about Kim and her
marriage because social media is obsessed with knowing everything Kardashian.

Even though many do still think that she should keep some comments to herself. This is not the first or the last time we would be hearing from Wendy Williams and
her use of freedom of speech. Though she has started controversies, her show is still up and running and she’s more successful than ever