Over the course of ten years, The Roots Picnic has been bringing you the most talented music artists in the industry and eccentric style. The annual event which is innovated by the rap group The Roots, was headlined this year by legendary comedian Dave Chapelle also featuring live musical performances by Lil Uzi Vert, Goldlink, 2 Chanz and T.I. —  just to name a few.

While the live performances were flatout amazing we couldn’t help but check out all the edgy looks the attendees were wearing – from soul, to pop, to sexy, and so many other forms of funky fashion. Everyone dressed to impress and came to have a good time.

As always food vendors were there to serve delicious grub. Side note: if you go to Philly and don’t have a cheesesteak, does it count?

Whether you’re resting your eyes from that cheese steak or venturing the festival grounds, there’s more to do.  The live radio podcast, Questlove Supreme, was on site.  The podcast hosted by famed the Roots drummer by the same name, is only on Pandora. Also live and in color, Philadelphia author and Uncle Bobby’s Coffee & Books owner, Marc Lamont Hill. 

Along with the podcast stage, this years picnic had a game and cultural stage. At the game stage, attendees could play NBA video games, while the cultural stage held discussions about lifestyle and fashion.

Even with so much fun going on Mother Nature had a few other ideas on her mind.  “Due to dangerous weather – ,” read a statement from the promoter live nation, “we are forced to end the show.’’  So sadly, with the live performances ready and vendors lined up for attendees to come and shop, the festival was cut short due to torrential downpours. 

Until next year!