So Fidel Castro died last weekend…


…and we’re confused as to what to think. His death has produced an intense clash of emotions for many Cubans who recognize that he was more than just a political figure. Some people mention him being a revolutionist while others praise his death.

So true journalists to their research and that’s what #TEAM88 tried to do. Now granted we cannot believe anything we see nor read on the internet so this took some time.

“Mr. Castro’s impact — and the perception of it — changed over time. Cubans born before the revolution saw him as a transformative force for good or ill. Those born later, especially after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989, tend to view him as an obdurate barrier to economic opportunity and to integration with the rest of the world.”

cryfidelFidel Castro’s influence went far beyond Latin America. Considered a hero in Angola and South Africa, he not only helped fight colonialism, but also greatly improved people’s lives with education.

His supporters in Havana described him as a tireless defender of the poor. For five decades, he worked to turn the island nation into a place of equality and social justice. His government produced tens of thousands of doctors and teachers and achieved some of the lowest infant mortality and illiteracy rates in the Western hemisphere.

Critics say Castro drove the country into economic ruin, denied basic freedoms to 11 million Cubans at home and forced more than a million others into exile. “In 55 years, the Cuban government has not done anything to help the Cuban people in terms of human rights,” said Hector Maseda, 72, a former political prisoner who lives in Havana. “I don’t believe in this regime. I don’t trust it.”

Some Cubans thrived under Castro. Others didn’t. But that’s the nature of a revolution right?

What are your thoughts?