Each year New York City’s own Hot 97 puts on the biggest hip hop concert to kick off summer festivities.

Now this year’s line up is on point.

We all know Chris Breezy knows how to put on a download-1show. Remy Ma has been WINNING since 2017 started. For all the true West Indians we know Charlie Black and Konshens have ’nuff’ hits.

AYO KHALEED DID THOSE DRAKE VOCALS COME IN YET? ANYTIME a lineup has xyz and friends you KNOW it’s going to be a problem.


During the line up announcement I must say I was this close >< to  shedding a tear. Why you ask, BECAUSE MR. CEE IS BACK AT HOT 97!

For those of you living in why-pi-po lala land let me explain to you how incredible this guy is. First off Cee was part of the B.I.G era (enough said) and was an associate producer on the Notorious B.I.G’s Ready to Die album..need I say more.


His throwback at noon on Hot 97 was EERRRR-THANG!  Overall his MC skills by far are superb. Ok that goes on to me saying he will SHUT MET LIFE STADIUM DOWN DOING A 20TH ANNIVERSARY TRIBUTE TO BIGGIE’S DEATH!

Welp, that’s all folks.. who’s coming with #Team88 to Summer Jam?