Ahhh Dave Chappelle we have miss thee!

Remember, comedy comes from pain, and that’s in part what made this episode so great. He was really willing to tell jokes on controversial subjects, whether it be the Pulse nightclub shooting to the Black Lives Matter movement. He even joked about Harambe! We gotta say that this is one of the last things that we expected to see from him in the opening … and it’s easily the best one of the entire season. There was some politics in here as well, as Chappelle talked about President Obama and the job that he did in office.

We’ll go on the record in saying that this was one of the greatest monologues we’ve ever seen in the history of the show. We know that it may have been too edgy for some, but this is late-night TV, and this is also who was hired to host. Chappelle is a genius, and he’s going to push buttons.

A decade ago, Dave Chappelle unceremoniously pulled the plug on Chappelle’s Show just weeks before its third season was scheduled to premiere. Citing his contempt for the entertainment industry’s tone-deafness toward black entertainers and audiences, Chappelle spent the latter half of the oughts away from the spotlight. Though he returned to the stand-up circuit a few years back, the comedian has shown little interest in revisiting his time on Chappelle’s Show. That was until SNL!

“You know all week long people asked if I was going to do any characters from Chappelle’s Show tonight. At first I wasn’t going to, but I saw that episode of Walking Dead *spoiler* where they smash Glenn on the head and kill him. It was devastating. I love that show, and Glenn was one of my favorite characters. In that spirit and with that in mind, I hope you enjoy this.” What followed was a parody sketch in which classic characters from Chappelle’s Show — including Tyrone Biggums, Lil’ Jon, Clayton Bigsby, and Silky Johnson — faced their mortality at the hands of Negan.

CLASSIC!!! Watch the skit below.

A Tribe Called Quest gave their first televised performance in a year last night (November 12) on Saturday Night Live.

The legendary hip-hop group, who released their final album ‘We Got It from Here… Thank You 4 Your Service’ on Friday (November 11), were also playing live for the first time since group MC Phife Dawg died in March.

On the show, Q-Tip, Jarobi White and Ali Shaheed Muhammad took to the stage twice as the musical guests. The trio played two cuts from ‘We Got It From Here’ – ‘We The People…’ and ‘The Space Program’ – with the latter featuring a guest contribution from ATCQ affiliates Busta Rhymes and Consequence.

During the performance of ‘We The People…’, the group revealed a backdrop that depicted Phife as his verse played. #RIPPHIFE

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE -- "Dave Chappelle" Episode 1710 -- Pictured: (l-r) Q-Tip and Jarobi White of musical guest A Tribe Called Quest perform on November 12, 2016 -- (Photo by: Will Heath/NBC)

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE — “Dave Chappelle” Episode 1710 — Pictured: (l-r) Q-Tip and Jarobi White of musical guest A Tribe Called Quest perform on November 12, 2016 — (Photo by: Will Heath/NBC)