There is nothing like attending a Historically Black College and University (HBCU) – football games, pep rallies, meet ups in the quad, homecoming, and financial scandal?

Media has been shedding light on the recent Finacial aid scandal at Howard University (HU), one of the most prestigious HBCUs.  Many students are furious with HU’s Finacial Aid Department. Six workers of the Financial Aid department have allegedly scammed 1 million dollars in financial aid that was meant for students. The six employees were making up false scholarships for grant money that was resultingly not going towards the students’ tuitions or students interests but rather to the pockets of these six employees for five plus years.

According to CNN, the University’s investigation began in December 2016 and lasted through September 2017, when an investigation of individual employee actions was completed and the six employees terminated.  When the news started to spread anonymously via social media, students took a stand by protesting at the Finacial aid building. Inside of the building, students sung our girl Rihanna’s hit “B!tch Better Have My Money” in reference to the money they were scammed out of. Students also decided to occupy the hallways of the Financial Aid building with as they demanded tuition reimbursement. Yikes !

Tyrone Hankerson Jr. who was among those working in the Finacial aid department, and an alumnus of HU, is the person that all the controversy is surrounding. Hankerson has allegedly scammed $429,000 in financial aid from students. Social media have found him suspect based on the fancy lifestyle and clothing that he has been posting on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. Although many may speculate that Tyrone Hankerson is the top person to blame for the controversy, Hankerson decided that he is not going to back down from the claims that he believes is false.

According to FoxDC, “Tyrone Hankerson Jr. is now suing Howard University for $10 million, accusing the institution of not doing enough to protect his financial documents, which were illegally leaked amid the scandal.” This is truly a sad time for students at Howard University and an embarrassment for many other HBCUs. Gladly, all students will receive tuition reimbursement for the years that they’ve missed out on the funds that were meant to go towards their tuition.

Team88 will keep you in the loop with the outcome of this controversy.


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