If you know #Team88 well enough you know we are huge Childish Gambino fans and what a weekend he had.

The Grammy award and Golden Globe winner not only hosted SNL this past weekend but was also the musical guest. During SNL he premiered two songs, “This Is America” & “Saturday”. Now both of them are tough tracks but after SNL he released a video for “This is America” and social media BLEW thee ENTIRE FACKK up.

The music video is something you HAVE to watch a couple of times (if you haven’t already).  There’s a whole bunch of underlying messages, like the issues we have in this here US of A about gun control, and then you peep the Jim Crow-style caricature dancing. As much as we’re drawn to Gambino’s topless self, pay attention to what the background shows.

Watch the video above and tell us what you think. Leave the comments below!

Can we now hail Childish Gambino as a genius?!


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