Sic Sic Sic *Record scratches*

So If you haven’t heard by now two Rap heavyweights; Pusha T & Drake are in a War

At words. Last month the beef reignited as King Push dropped his long awaited album  “DAYTONA” , which included a bar heavy track entitled “Infrared”. – Infared

   The track seemed to set its focus on Drake & his overseers (Wayne & Baby) mentioning ghostwriting & money 👻 allegations.

Mr. Stay Scheming seemed prepared & released a response diss called Duppy Freestyle in which he speaks on Push not selling the drugs he speaks of & how he helped Ye (Father stretched his hands). Then screenshots a invoice for 100k .

Pusha immediately responds with “The Story of Aididon”  in which the cover art shows The 6 God in black face. The track features some disrespectful bars with Push aiming at every one closest to Drake, even revealing Drake’s “secret son”.

With Ego & Pride at stake, do you think Drake will respond or has Pusha remained King ?

Thoughts comments below !!!

– Trey!