GBM Nutron for the WIN!


2017 Trinidad Carnival is slowly approaching! However what MAY be more exciting than Carnival is the new soca underway. I mean c’mon ‘Like Ah Boss‘ in 2015 STILL goes hard til this day (heck every Machel song does) and The Voice’s ‘Cheers to Life‘ gives EVERYONE life

We over here at Established in 88 are HEAVY MACHEL FANATICS  but we like (not love) his newest chune ‘Lip Service’ off the lip service riddim.

NOW Our boy GBM Nutron also makes an appearance on the riddim and not for nothing his song ‘Rock You Out‘ is VIBES!

“LET ME ROCK YOU UP” ….. so in this mini competition in our head we have to give it to Nutron. Take ah listen and tell us what you think.