The new Internet song Come Over might be the soundtrack to your summer hangout sessions.

Whether y’all are taking polaroids of each other on the camera you got from Urban Outfitters or meditating, trying to align your chakras together. #SummerBaeTings

The west coast native band dropped the dreamy colorful new visual for their second single off of their upcoming album, Hive Mind. I

n her directorial debut, Syd creates a world where sometimes
shooting your shot via text isn’t enough…you gotta swoon your shorty too.

After throwing pebbles at the window of her love interest while singing about her style, showing off some dance moves and serenading her during the band’s garage rehearsal with lyrics about playing simon says and waking up with the sunrise, Syd gets the girl.

Syd’s not the only one with a love interest this time around, everyone in the band has their own boos who reflect their personalities and gives us summer time love feels. From Matt’s
jam/dance session, Chris’ cereal and chill hang, Steve’s guitar concert for one and Patrick’s meditate date not only will this video entertain you but it’ll give you inspiration for future dates.

\Whether you need courage to hit up your boothang or need a song to #baeandchill to, this is the perfect song for that.

Hive mind is due out July 20. Preorder here – http://smarturl.it/hivemindalbum