Seriously speaking , when thinking of playing mas in Trinidad & Tobago the first few bands everyone tend to get on bad with happens to be the most popular ones. Yuma, Fantasy, Hearts, Island People..

BUT there’s one that always brings the heat and that ladies and gents is TRIBE (The Ultimate Carnival Experience)

“TRIBE was the first fully all-inclusive carnival band in Trinidad & Tobago and has become the benchmark for service for Carnival Bands, not only in T&T but in Carnivals around the world.”

Now Tribe’s innovative ways has made them the premiere band in sweet sweet TNT. In 2006 TRIBE set a standard in the Carnival arena by being the first ever Carnival band to introduce a computerised system. Masqueraders were able to register via wireless connection laptop stations at the mas camp and by logging on from the comfort of their home.

Now in their 12th year with the presentation entitled Tribe Zero it’s only right we bless you all with a few photos of sections you’ll see on the Savannah this year!

See you all on di road!