Sesame Flyers isn’t new to this, they are TRUE TO THIS

img_4068An eleven-time winners of the Large Band category in the West Indian American Labor Day Parade, Sesame Flyers International, Inc. is extremely active and visible in the Caribbean community.  Throughout previous years, the West Indian American Labor Day Parade has drawn over 3.5 million spectators.  Also a source of pride is Sesame Flyers’ part in World Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Children’s Museum exhibit featuring the many cultures of the borough, where visitors can visit the Sesame Flyers Mas camp and are invited to learn about the culture by trying on costumes.

In addition to its participation in the Parade, it is important to note, that for over a quarter century residents of East Flatbush and Canarsie have relied on Sesame Flyers International for many year round programs that preserve culture, tradition and values and we have delivered.  This year over 7,000 individuals will come through our doors in search of some form of assistance.  Whether it is tutoring young students, providing safe and nurturing spaces for children to play during timg_4084he summer, organizing youth-led community service activities, job readiness programs, providing case management and counseling for families in crisis, giving adult learners access to GED programs and computer technology, or celebrating the rich traditions of Caribbean nations, there are very few aspects of community life that Sesame Flyers does not touch.”

This year they presented their 2017 Labor Day presentation “La Vie.” #Team88 was there in full effect capturing footage while whinnin’ down low. Check out the gorgeous costumes by watching the video above and as always tell us what you think!