Ramajay Mas..well… peep this FB status here

but on a seriously honest tip.. they are unmatched to their competitors. Not only are the costumes gorgeous but the team behind the brand is what makes them inimitable.

Last year during their media launch #Team88 got a look at those running the band and spoke to one of the founders Ms. Reishelle Maynard-Richards during our Road To Labor Day series. Not only are the women who run the band dope but you can also sense the feel of family, hard work, commitment and consistency.


This year they hit us with the theme ‘Opulence’ and AGAIN raising the bar, pulled a Beyonce and showcased  their 2017 labor day collection. NO BAND LAUNCH NEEDED! Peep the photos above.

Well here at 88 we’re already putting it into the air… 2017 BAND OF THE YEAR!

We’re calling it!

For more pics head over to their IG page @ramajaymas