I first found Lady Vic when trying to secure a band to play with in Trinidad Carnival during the 2015 carnival season. 11222451_572454619559131_4478669251149067353_oIt wasn’t long before I started following her designs and immediately came to respect her craft. Now in the mas world there tends to be a LOT of stush folks

  • stush. Adjective. posh or snobbish

and then you have those out there who are just looking to gain some coins. But not she! Such a real and kindred spirit! During our meet up last summer she dropped some section leader gems while filming our road to labor day series. She noted that  mas is culture, and always respect the art form and that’s EXACTLY what she brings into her costumes.

Her labor day section this year is BOSS! Peep the featured image of this post!

P.S She just added Barbados to the list of carnivals! One time for this hidden gem! Please by all means check out her latest creation for Barbados’s cropover with her section titled “Lovebirds” by looking the photos above. Also check out the video below courtesy of The Barbados Cropover Hub below.  Ahhhh we love it, she’s most certainly a game changer in our book!

CC: – https://www.instagram.com/lady_vic_creations/