He LITERALLY is the most versatile DJ in the world. You have your EDM DJ’s that make a good 66 million a year playing all but umm EDM. Now don’t get it twisted, we LOVE electric dance music but not for a whole set.

Now EDM, a LOT of bit of SOCA, a few pop records mixed with some 90’s classic and there you have Dj Private Ryan.

This man is pure genius and while trademarking his famous ‘Soca Brainwash‘ events it’s only right Private Ryan takes over the world. Fortunately I was able to attend Soca Brainwash here in our homebase NYC and for my first experience it wasn’t one to miss. Not to mention that ALL of his events pretty much gets sold out. (I can only imagine how much he charges for weddings).

Besides his amazing events, his soundcloud mixes are the Initially that’s how we fell upon who he was. The way he transitions each song so crisply and formatting it in a way where you can here soca one minute and a 70’s disco track the next is astounding.

He is most certainly a game changer in our book! Please by all means IF you don’t know this young man make yourself familiar.