To all the vegetarians out there, have you wished there was a restaurant that you can go to that only serves vegetarian meals? Well, think no more. Your struggle with going to one restaurant to the other for a vegetarian meal has ended. Latisha Darling, founder, and owner of “Greedi Vegan” has opened up a restaurant that caters to all the vegetarians out there. Latisha Darling, who grew up in the Crown Heights community of Brooklyn, NY, opened up the restaurant this past May (2018) and crowds of peoples have been swirling the restaurant ever since.

With the help and support of her family and friends, Latisha thought about opening up the now popular restaurant when she grew tired, like many vegetarians, of hopping from one location to the next to combine her favorite vegetarian meals. That’s when Latisha decided to make it her point of duty to give back to her community in a way that will cater to all the vegetarians out there. Wow! Now that’s what you call giving back wholesomely! Now everyone can live, work, and/or eat in the same neighborhood without having to feel left out when it comes to searching for a restaurant that caters to one’s eating preference.

Besides the fact that Latisha Darling decided to open up her restaurant in the neighborhood where she grew up, she opened it up in Brooklyn, NY because she noticed how rapid gentrification was taking place and so Latisha thought it was best to allow her African American culture to gentrify as well in the form of vegetarian food with a sizzle of the Caribbean and Southern spices. Customers with the five boroughs of New York can’t get enough of Greedi Vegan and Latisha Darling is one happy camper when satisfying her customers.

Greedi Vegan might be a vegetarian restaurant but the food it so good it has customer who are not vegetarians coming in to try some of the great food and delicious desserts that Veggie Burger has to offer. Greedi Vegan has meals such as veggie burger sliders, corn grits with vegan beef hash and gravy, the gluten-free pancakes with coconut cream and berries, fried vegan fish, vegan homemade ice cream and so much much..

Latisha Darling is definitely one ambitious and motivated individual who loves the community of Brooklyn and is giving back in the best way she knows how to. Now that’s what I call #BlackGirlMagic! She is an example of Black Excellence who is Black, Beautiful and about her Business ! Literally! From a Brooklyn Knight to another another Brooklyn Knight, we are proud of you Latisha Darling !

Want to grab a bite, sit back, relax and have some delicious plant-based meals and desserts, head on over to Greedi Vegan located at 1031 Bergen Street , Brooklyn, NY 11216.

Until next time, peace, blessings and one Love.

Tena Reid
Social Community Director
Established in 88