Getting ready for the new year for me means cleaning.  As a production company still trying to get our name out there, networking events are a must and we’ve been to A LOT!

With a lot of events comes a WHOLE lot of business cards.  It’s always good to connect with like minded individuals while getting your name out there. Ok so back to cleaning, I see my stack of cards and come across Dr. Robert Gore, executive director of KAVI – Kings Against Violence Initiative.  KAVI offers youth focused interventions that are school, community and hospital-based in Brooklyn, New York. Through increase self awareness and by empowering youth, KAVI hopes to assist youth in cultivating their own untapped potential.

Back in 2016 we attended a gala in which Dr. Gore was honored & was lucky enough to catch him for a short interview. Check it out above. (Just a side bar this was before we had a mic.)

I quickly do a google search and find out he’s nominated for CNN’s Hero of The Year (along with my mom telling me about it #GOKINGSCOUNTY)!

MAKE SURE YOU VOTE, as his mission is one that’s needed! Here I left a link to make it easier for ya!

Vote Here!