Dj Flow best known in the DMV as one of the best mixers to ever touch a turntable, came through his Alma Mater at Morgan State University’s homecoming concert to perform alongside the Bodak Black superstar Cardi B, “it’s goin down in the DM’s” Yo Gotti, and Baltimore’s very own YBS Scola.

Originally from Brooklyn, Dj Flow didn’t exactly fall in love with mixing. His freshman year in school him and his roommate were the typical college students just trying to make a buck and decided to start Dj-ing and Promoting for local events, “I started Dj-ing August 8th, 2009…” in the beginning he describes his turntable skills on the bad side and explaining he had to do a lot of practicing to get better, “I sucked at first, I was terrible trust me I was terrible.” Through time and determined to add his talents to the Dj-ing industry, Flow has mastered his skills and is now one of the top Dj’s of the DMV, “It took a lot of time to get to this part, the motivation of being broke.”

Fast forward to 2017, and hosting Morgan’s Homecoming Flow, explains how important it is to keep the crowd moving and not losing the people’s interest when is comes to parties and events, “I think one of the biggest things is the crowd, being able to read the crowd you’ll be able to tell if anybody is rocking with the song or not…” not only is it important for the crowd to keep rocking all night, but also making sure you have the right equipment to ensure the crowd will stay turnt. “The one thing you need is a laptop, the next important thing is headphones.” Trust you better make sure you have all the equipment you need when you’re stepping on Morgan State’s Campus to perform at the concerts, “… a lot of dj’s don’t use headphones and the mixes show that”.

In the light of his fast paced parties, turnt up crowds and live music Flow also likes the slow jams on his spare time, listening to a lot of R&B and slow music, he gets tired of the trap music often and likes to wine down, “ I love slow jams and R&B that’s all I listen to.” Naming artists like, Love Galores, Sza or Free Black, “ I listen to Trap all the time, I’m tired of hearing that.”

Flow describes his peers to be an inspiration to his success and says he admires people who come from nothing and work hard to become successful and appreciates the grind, “I’m really inspired by people my age who’s working with nothing, using resources and really coming up with unique ideas.” Often times people just want the success, but not the hard work that comes along with it, “ the people that are ready to work inspire me, people who want to grind.”

Flow, who also was recently hired by 92Q Baltimore’s Hip-Hop and R&B radio station home of the infamous Ricky Smiley morning show as an on-air mixer says the grind doesn’t stop and that he’s going to continue to inspire his peers, work hard and keep the parties live and flowing to his unique sound as well as promoting.