I caught wind of Chance the Rapper in the beginning 2015 via an old coworker of mine who happened to be a heavy fan.  Through the countless of car rides home he’ll touch my radio (pause) without asking and play some of Chance’s music. It didn’t bother me too much only because eight out of ten times I’m focused on the hectic New York City traffic. chance-the-rapper-gq-0916-lede-3x2-1

Now speeding up towards the end of that year after having “Everybody’s Something” (shout to to bae – BJ The Chicago Kid) & “Sunday Candy” on HEAVY rotation I finally felt acquainted with Mr. Chancelor Bennett.

I end up seeing a tweet at the right time saying there has been a second show added for The Family Matters tour at Terminal 5 here in NYC. The same co-worker/ ol’ friend who put me on to Chance…well his birthday’s coming up. Boom.. the perfect gift! (& tickets were like 30 bucks, I bought two). Needless to say I didn’t attend because I honestly only knew a good four Chance The Rapper songs at that point (AND felt tight because that was the show auntie Bey & Uncle Jay were there. 😑)


aa29Fast forwarding to 2017, Coloring Book was brought, selling OUT arenas, performed on SNL twice, went to the White House, donated one million dollars to Chicago public schools, focused on social activism, won THREE grammys, a BET humanitarian award, an NAACP award ALL while being an INDEPENDENT artist, & father at the young age of 24. This kid is definitely a game changer.


Check out his BET Humanitarian Acceptance speech below. WE HEAR YOU CHANCE!