The annual Roots Picnic in Philadelphia came and went. To say it was lit would be an understatement! This was a fun day for hip hop and hip hop fans. With 5 different stages for the days’ event featuring a “gaming/culture stage” and a “podcast stage” there were many ways for anyone to enjoy themselves. Although it was a good time the during the whole event, if you’re going to a festival for the first time there’s things that you should keep in mind.

Be prepared to spend money. When attending some events, there are different vendors selling food and drinks and they are not sold at the usual price. For example, at the Roots Picnic, a bottle of water was $7 and food varied from $12 and up. If you want to avoid spending as much as possible, eating before you enter would also be a good idea.

Dress comfortably. If the event is outside especially, make sure you wear comfortable shoes. Standing outside for hours will take a toll on you if you’re not comfortable. As far as clothes, whatever is best for you. If it’s hot outside, you don’t want to be overdressed. Of course, you want to slay, but it’s possible to slay comfortably!

It’s a great opportunity to Network. Especially if it’s a music festival, you’ll have so many people who go to meet people and spread the word about whatever their business is. There were people with podcasts, fashion brands, and musical artists looking to network. If you have business cards, anything with your business on it, you should bring it. Everyone is there to have a good time and meet people, it won’t hurt you to put yourself out there!

The most important thing to keep in mind is have fun! This will be an opportunity to enjoy yourself and the many hours outside will be worth it. Especially if it’s a festival like the Roots Picnic, you’ll have much to keep you entertained. You may also have the chance to discover some new music that you have never been hip to. Many artists there and you may hear something new that you like. Keeping these things in mind will contribute to your fun at the next festival you go to!