Ahhh yes, the time has come. New Yawk City lights up with the popular AfroPunk music festival taking place in Brooklyn! In recent years, the event has became a summer festival fashion mecca. (Take a look above and peep some of 2016’s most fashionable!) So many patrons strive to get their photo taken AND featured in Essence, The New York Times Elle, Cosmo, and all those widely well known publications but only ah few make it. YES we’ve been where you are. Figuring out what to wear days before the event only to get there and look basic as faack.

BUT THAT’S OK! Don’t sweat my pet we got you.


Choose an outfit that embodies who you are. Be comfortable! Please don’t try to walk in heels that you just bought (IT’S A DAG ON PARK) or a shirt that doesn’t fit correctly. Wear something colourful. AfroPunk is all about freeing up yuhself, high energy, and ultimate vibes with your friends and artist that you love. What better way to showcase that then wearing something vibrant. DON’T DO IT FOR THE CAMERAS (but do it for the cameras… y’all follow me?). Get creative, and work with what you have, If you have any make up, old hair, jewelry pieces, old tee’s etc – hop on the YouTubes and watch tutorials, your outfit will be popping in no time.

Overall HAVE FUN! Enjoy the music, express yourself to the umpteeth power and LIVE IN THE MOMENT. Until then, we’ll see you this weekend. BROOKLYN LEHWEGO