Carnival 2020 is RIGHT around the corner. As we get ready to get on bad and PARTY HARD, we have to let you know about the hottest fetes to attend during carnival season. Grab your glasses and wallets because it’s about to get real.


Soca Brainwash is brought to you by the most versatile DJ in the world, DJ Private Ryan. If his mixes aren’t enough to have to wine up pon your office chair his parties are definietly one for the books. Not to mention the smoothess of ticket purchasing *hands raised emoji* and with themes like “Moraccon Sunset” for this past Miami Carnival and Treasures of the Orient for Carnival 2020 this all inclusive event is about to be amazing.


Brought to you by Caeser’s Army, AM Bush is the premiere party to attend during Trinidad Carnival. The vibes are mad however in order to get in you need to request tickets and get approved. Sadly there are some people who haven’t been approved since last year when tickets were release but keep hope alive and pray!


Phucket is an all-inclusive fete that brings the flow of drinks and food. It’s one if not THEE fete you need to attend on Carnival Friday .  With easy access bars and an array of food choices this is the fete you have to attend.

#4 Beach House!

This was one of the first events I heard of when planning my first Trinidad Carnival and since 2015 it’s been a top 5. Beach House all inclusive is the place to be. Usually on Carnival Thursday, for 2020 it will now be held on Carnival Sunday. Take a look at the clip below !!

#5 Red Antz Jouvert!

Rounding out our fete to go list is Red Ants Jouvert. “Jouvert come let us pllaayyyeee from Monday to Ash Wednesday, straight to the carnival with meh, with meh”. Son shout out to and a big REST In POWER to Blazer Dan! Listen yuh CYAN PLAY MAS IF YUH FRAID OF POWDER. And that’s that. Red Antz Jouvert brings the mess, vibes and fun!

Hopefully we see you guys at some of the fetes listed above. Until then take jam and wine down low!

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