Consisting of fresh college graduates following their dreams, 88 was started by a dynamic group of broke college kids with a passion for production. Established in 88 has made it our mission to showcase & empower individuals to maximize their creative arts abilities through culturally diverse platforms, community involvement, and advocacy. By doing what we love to do Team 88 is putting their blood sweat and tears towards this vision. We hope that you will Be Kind. Keep It Real. Stay Up. with us as we work to leave our mark. Meet us at and subscribe to us on Youtube.

Good Vibes! 100% Love & Respect 100% Caribbean Urbanity 100% Doing Good! 100%

Creative Concepts

Bringing unique stories and ideas to the forefront of mainstream media. (Of course with ah Caribbean twist!)

Highlighting Individuals

Giving those that need a platform to highlight and share their story. Get ready for a few gamechangers!

Caribbean Tings

Flying down to the lush waters and vibrancy of our homeland di West Indies! #PERRRNNNNNNN (that’s a horn sound btw)