20/20 VISION

“As I sit back and reflect on yesteryear” *in my most prominant black pastor going in on a New Year’s Eve church service voice*



Well here we are, yet another decade and I can’t help but to thing about the journey it took me and Established in 88 to get here. The trials, tribulations and lessons were all worth it!

One thing that pops up in my head first is my education. I’m so thankful I’ve got to experience the ILLUSTRIOUS Morgan State University. The whole HBCU vibe is like NO other. My HBCU taught me a LOT of life lessons, and business moves. One in particular was to get involved with everything and network your behind off. Getting a degree in communications is BROAD and when trying to get your feet wet in the the film/radio/TV industry 9 out of 10 times it’s who you know. So to Morgan State thanks for teaching me to speak up and having a table people can come sit at.


Parenthood is INDEED a LIFE CHANGING experience that I love and learn from everyday. Two (almost three) years in and your girl is doing the darn thing. Mommy life is lit, and somedays not so much. Working a full time and part time job (because the funding for 88 has to come from somewhere right), living in NY where everything is overpriced for no reason, trying to increase my water intake, have clear skin, workout daily, pay these ridiculous day care payments, marry Michael B. Jordan and build a production company is tough but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Shout out to my best frannn IZZY #The IzzyShow holding me down since 2017!

QUALITY over Quantity

Starting Established in 88 is a dream, comIMG true. My love and passion for content creation and film production is something that I want to share with you our viewers and the entire universe.  Since 2011 as a little Tumblr blog, I would be lying if I didn’t say I wish I was further along in this journey but I am truly grateful that I’m not where I use to be. I’m learning and enjoying this ride!

The biggest lesson I’ve learned this decade was to put your time and energy in things that align with your goals, thank your heart everyday, and to focus on the vision!


  • Good things take time.
  • Quality over quanity.
  • Consistency is a POWERFUL thing.


To Issa Rae, Leana Waithe, Michael B Jordan, my parents, that girl’s IG who I can’t think of right now but is a film making rising star, Oprah, Natalie Prospere, B Monét.. ( I remembered) Stefon Bristol, Bentley Evans, YouTube, Jackie Aina, Paris Cole, Tumblr, My Grandparents, D Mile , and anyone that moved to LA to make their dreams come true, I THANK YOU for the inspiration.


I hope to make this company something that I couldn’t even imagine. And to you reading, I wish you a healthy, prosperous, goal achieving, edges coming back, more self care, and more blessings for 2020!

Here’s to late nights and early mornings.

– West

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